I found living corpses in there

In there I found awoken bodies

Holding in rows all down the tower

Shambling in anti-order

I want to be here no longer

They live inside eachother

And I do not wish to pay host

I really love people. I have an affinity for my species.

I love the things we make, the things we say.

But I get so scared, scared of the things we do.

And those acts with which I am unfamiliar.

So scared that I want to hide away, that I am tempted to reject it all-

Tempted to call love a raindance and communication some dark magick.

But I have ventured deep into the demense of those who truly feel as such-

And it is a place all the more frightening.

A place of twisted, brambly courtships and negligence,

A place where the loving and feeling are scorned, cast away

And the cold selfish ones are embraced, made gods of.

Though still I find some kindred spirits among them, those likewise afeared,

I love too much, and I am not cold

I've been burned, yes. But I do not wish to turn against my kind so broadly

I do not yearn for the stringing-up and belly-splitting

Of those who are merely made echoes of my assailants.

Pray, forgive me, but lo-

I am not thee, O scorning ones, I am not thee.