Salziz Orion Malekeiary more of you

Inside every person, there is the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious being what is immediately perceptible via metacognition or self-critical thinking. The subconscious is that which cannot be immediately percieved by the present "self". Extruding the details of a human's subconscious mind requires the use of reflection. There are many other methods, the more mainstream involving comparing the functions of the selected conscious mind to a baseline of what is considered "normal," and the more fringe involving psychoactive substances or subjecting oneself to harmful situations to bring forth a reflection of true nature.

And outside of these "minds" exists a third part of human cognition.

Formed by the variable amounts of chemicals present in embryonic fluid prior to birth, this third force which acts upon all human perception is something many believe they are wholly incapable of altering. This is by no means true. This third force, herein referred to as "Organ Three" can not only be influenced by humans, but its control and altering are essential acts in combatting plagues of the mind, such as Ego, Anxiety, The Putrefying Thought, boundlessness, and many others. Overcoming the barrier between these three forces of consciousness is crucial in maintaining control over a reality which is constantly in flux.

"Organ Three" can ONLY be controlled meaningfully by those who have already asserted complete control over their subconscious mind

Control and access to the facilities of a human's subconscious mind are irrefutably vital resources in taking control of "Organ Three."

Come Inside, please.

Salziz Orion Malekeiary more of you

Remulo destroyer meiumindetb Tiny intention

As there will be no in or out, no top or bottom

As there will be the sides fall away into fizzling piles of blood and tissue

As there will be can the next one tear herself wide open and fill herself with the new computer

As there will be can the next one tear herself wide open and fill herself with the new Body

As there will be a thing that flies through your mind and pulls itself around it

I love that thing, It makes Me "me" and you "you." It kills the group and makes Top and Bottom