A dirty beast crawled out of my ear when I was very young. It told me of a place deep in the earth, but not buried in the soil.

"A place where the air stirs with life, where the walls reach out to grab your mind..." It described.

"...A place of beauty and a million souls to admire it all."

Confused, I began prodding the wiggling thing to elaborate,

"You make little sense, creature. Do you speak of a place in our world, or from some fable?"

The beast's plump tail accosted the earth beneath itself, deep in thought.

"Neither, my host. It is a place between everything we know, even between itself."

I retorted without thinking, out of frustration alone.

"Whatever manner of surreal creature you are, this performance of your body and tongue are being spent for nil..."

As I spoke it seemed to stop its writhing and listen intently.

"...As I am but a mundane fool, by all measures. If you are bestowing upon me some prophetic vision, or attempting to rouse my curiosity, I'm afraid these are fruitless endeavors."

It seemed to laugh at me for this.

"I came for neither purpose. In fact, no purpose at all. Just as a wind may rustle the leaves, I lived in you because I was put there, and I speak because I was destined to."

"Besides, even the lame and dull find their way to that place. 'Vols Iml,' The Labyrinth Hunts, despite power or purpose...

"Perhaps it holds a grudge to Fate, or perhaps it is one of her cohorts..."

It was then the beast seemed to settle, before burrowing down and collapsing the fresh den on itself.

I fetched my shovel and set to digging promptly, but unearthed only bones.